Many thanks to our patients who are willing to share their stories of help and hardship.  We thank you!

– The staff of NC MedAssist


Natalie Free Pharmacy Program Patient 

Daniel Transitional Jobs Program Graduate

Jeff Free Pharmacy Program Patient 

Towanna J. 
Former Free Pharmacy Patient/Current Senior Care Program Patient & OTC Recipient

“At 58, I took a terrible fall at my job.  The pain was debilitating I could barely walk.  At one point I was even having trouble breathing and I didn’t know why.  My family called 911; I was rushed to the hospital by ambulance.  I was diagnosed with serious blood clot in my lung. I was prescribed blood thinning medication.  This medication would help keep me alive and prevent any future blood clots. I was on private disability at the time and I was shocked to learn that my expenses wouldn’t be covered.  I was scared; I didn’t know what to do.  It felt as though my life didn’t matter. Then my niece told me about NC MedAssist.   I wasn’t worried anymore, I now get my medication and LIVE! Just recently I was enrolled in NC MedAssist Senior Care Program.  Still today NC MedAssist is empowering me by giving me time to hug my two grandbabies, have conversations with my loving sons and host family reunions.”



Jakeita B. 
Free Pharmacy Program Patient

Jakeita, age 49, is from Mecklenburg County and enrolled in NC MedAssist’s Free Pharmacy Program 2017.

Jakeita is disabled from rheumatoid arthritis and has been unemployed since September 2014.  She takes methotrexate which helps relieve her ongoing chronic pain associated with this terrible disease. She had been without her medication for quite some time because she had no insurance and did not qualify for Medicaid.

Jakeita felt completely hopeless. The pain associated with her RA was so unbearable that she planned to end her life. She simply did not want to live anymore.  She was hospitalized due to her severe depression.

Thankfully, Jakeita found NC MedAssist’s Free Pharmacy Program with the help of a social worker at the Department of Social Services.  Jakeita is now taking her methotrexate as prescribed.  She is feeling better and stronger every day and has the hope of a pain-free life living independently and now able to visit with her family and friends.



Synthia & Brandon Former Free Pharmacy Program Patients