Our Mission, Vision and History


Our Mission 

NC MedAssist is a nonprofit pharmacy program providing access to lifesaving prescription medications, patient support, advocacy and related services to poor, vulnerable, and uninsured North Carolina residents.

Our Vision 

NC MedAssist seeks to ensure that no eligible person in North Carolina has to choose between purchasing food or their needed medication; improving the patient’s health and lowering uncompensated health care costs for all stakeholders.

Dispensing Hope for the Uninsured Since 1997

MedAssist began in 1997 through the efforts of the Mecklenburg Medical Society Alliance with the assistance of a $55,000 grant from the employees of Presbyterian Hospital. Since our beginning, MedAssist has dispensed over $30 million in free prescription medicines (average wholesale price or “AWP”) for our clients. Most of the drugs are secured from the Patient Assistance Programs (PAP) available through participating pharmaceutical companies.

As a result of MedAssist’s positive impact on the community, it has been named as one of the top 25 non-profit organizations in Charlotte by the Charlotte Business Journal. In March 2009, Attorney General Roy Cooper and the North Carolina Association of Free Clinics named MedAssist of Mecklenburg the Statewide Pharmacy for all eligible uninsured residents in North Carolina. MedAssist has since changed its name to NC MedAssist to reflect the new service area.

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