Jun 012013

When Kevin Shally moved to Charlotte, he started his own landscaping business which flourished and became very successful. Kevin was able to buy a great house, afford the things he wanted in life, and carry good health insurance even though he paid 100% out of pocket as a self-employed business owner. Then in 2008, his world changed along with the economy. He lost his house and his landscaping business. Due to years of work in landscaping, he had pain in his knees and showed signs of skin cancer. He used his savings to continue to pay insurance coverage, so he could continue to afford his medications. At the age of 60, his insurance policy doubled due to his age. He was now faced with the reality of living uninsured.


Fortunately, a friend told him about Physicians Reach Out where he was referred to NC MedAssist. Since using MedAssist’s Free Pharmacy Program, Kevin has been living with improved mobility in his knees and peace of mind that his skin cancer is under control. “MedAssist has taken a huge burden off of me and enhanced my quality of life dramatically.”

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