May 272013

You Linda-smallsuddenly find yourself a single parent after losing your spouse to cancer.  After several years of hard work and providing for your family on your own, you are laid off from your job.  You slip into a deep and dark depression.

You try to stay strong for your family.  You start your own business to maintain some income.  But no insurance and several hospitalizations have handed you $17,000 in medical debt.  You have a massive breakdown.

You uproot your life to be closer to family.  The support helps, but it’s not enough.  You can’t afford your medication without health insurance, and you can’t find the strength to go on without your medication.  Depression takes over your life.  It affects your ability to work.  It affects your ability to live.

Finally, a weight is lifted.  You are referred to NC MedAssist to get the medications you need.  The staff is very encouraging.  MedAssist gives you the strength to face each day and find a steady job that provides insurance.  You have a new found joy for life.

This is Linda’s story and with NC MedAssist, she has found the strength to go on.

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