Patient and Volunteer Stories


Patients, Families, Volunteers and Donors. These are their stories…

Many thanks to the folks who are willing to share their stories of help and hardship. We salute you.

The staff of NC MedAssist

Stephanie Alexander: Client and Volunteer

Stephanie Alexander: Client and Volunteer Stephanie has a unique story, because she is a MedAssist client and one of our volunteers. Like many of our clients, she lost her job in 2008 because of the recent economic decline. After being unemployed for a year, Stephanie’s insurance benefits expired and her life took a downward spiral. [...]Read More »

Kevin Shally's New Outlook on Life

When Kevin Shally moved to Charlotte, he started his own landscaping business which flourished and became very successful. Kevin was able to buy a great house, afford the things he wanted in life, and carry good health insurance even though he paid 100% out of pocket as a self-employed business owner. Then in 2008, his [...]Read More »

A Few Kind Words from United Way

On behalf of United Way of Central Carolinas, we would like to thank you, your staff and Board of Directors for the time and effort put into this year’s Citizen Review Process.  The programs and services that you provide continue to significantly impact the lives of many. The work that you do is extraordinary and [...]Read More »

Part of a Critical Need Safety Net

Sheila RiceSheila Rice began to feel pain in her left hand. A single Mom and working fulltime, Sheila initially dismissed the discomfort.  Soon, however, she knew in her heart that something was wrong. “At that time, I was working for a catering company at Duke Energy,” recalled Sheila. After a misdiagnosis of Carpel Tunnel Syndrome, Sheila [...]Read More »

NC MedAssist Helps Save Lives!

Bettie Clay was laid off from her job in April of 2006. About a year after Bettie was laid off she was diagnosed with COPD and high blood pressure, that require seven different medications. Because of the severity of her illness she was unable to work. Her inability to work forced her to go on [...]Read More »