NC MedAssist 12 for 12 Campaign

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Jul 032013

12 for 12 Campaign


Save a life – join 12 for 12

How much does it take to save a life? In North Carolina, you can save the life of a neighbor in need for just $12 a month.

That’s all it takes to provide a year’s worth of life saving medications through NC MedAssist.

MedAssist provides free prescription medicines to low-income, uninsured North Carolinians.

And now, it’s easier than ever to support NC MedAssist. For just $12 a month – $144 a year – you can sponsor a MedAssist client for an entire year.

Join 12 for 12 on-line or call Pamela Stephens, Development Director, at 866-331-1348 x 3567.

Your $12 a month means that a MedAssist client no longer has to choose between buying food or getting their needed medicine.

Watch the 12 for 12 video here.

Stephanie Alexander: Client and Volunteer

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Jun 032013

Stephanie Alexander: Client and Volunteer

Stephanie has a unique story, because she is a MedAssist client and one of our volunteers. Like many of our clients, she lost her job in 2008 because of the recent economic decline. After being unemployed for a year, Stephanie’s insurance benefits expired and her life took a downward spiral. Stephanie had been diagnosed with diabetes years prior to losing her job, and now struggled with the choice between buying food or the insulin she needed to survive.


Her son offered assistance but he has two children with special needs and she couldn’t let him do that. Stephanie chose to pay for food and go without her medicine. After three weeks went by, her body could no longer survive without insulin and Stephanie admitted herself to the hospital. Stephanie feared she may die from not taking her medication. She then heard about MedAssist from a family member. Since using MedAssist, she has been able to keep her diabetes under control. She says, “MedAssist is a life saver.” After a year, Stephanie came to MedAssist to recertify, and learned about the different volunteer opportunities. She now spends her time at MedAssist filing and doing data entry. MedAssist has saved her life, and she says “you helped me and now I am helping you.”