Case for Support


Living Expenses, Food or Medicine?

  • There are more than 463,000 low-income, uninsured people in North Carolina.
  • Many of them must choose between basic living expenses, buying food or their needed medications.
  • NC MedAssist eliminates that choice by providing free medicines to North Carolinians in need.

As costs of prescription medicine continue to rise and the numbers of uninsured reach all-time highs, providing a no-cost source of lifesaving medication becomes vital. NC MedAssist exists to provide free medications to the uninsured by qualifying patients for patient assistance programs offered by pharmaceutical companies.

NC MedAssist was selected by the North Carolina Association of Free Clinics and the NC Attorney General’s office to be the Statewide pharmacy for North Carolina.

  • In 2009, MedAssist began a pilot program to provide free medications to all 100 counties in North Carolina.
  • A network of “Point of Entry” locations (doctors’ offices, free clinics, health departments, etc.) refer clients to the program from across the state.
  • The Statewide program reduces cost and increases the efficiency of prescription drug delivery for clients and safety-net providers by obtaining medications from pharmaceutical companies in bulk.

NC MedAssist meets a critical need in our community by dispensing medications for uninsured patients. By doing so we are reducing the number of unnecessary ER visits and keeping healthcare costs down.

  • The program has seen a 43% increase in services over the last year with only a minimal increase in costs.
  • We ensure that over 90% of a person’s donation goes to direct client services.
  • For every $1 donated, NC MedAssist is able to dispense $20 in prescription drugs back to the community.

We invite you to partner with us as we meet the critical medical needs of our community.
To contact us, please call 704-536-1790.