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Senior Care Program FAQs

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Sep 232014

What age does the program apply to?

The Senior Care program is a pharmacy resource for adults 65 and over.

What are the eligibility requirements for the Senior Care program?

Must be a North Carolina resident.

Medicare Part D participants who fall in the “donut hole” may be eligible after consultation with NC MedAssist.

Free Pharmacy Program FAQs

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Sep 232014

What type of medicine do you provide? NC MedAssist is able to provide brand name and generic lifesaving medications that treat common disease states such as: high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes and asthma. Find a complete list of available medications by clicking here. How do I enroll into the Free Pharmacy program?

  1. Call NC MedAssist and request an application be mailed to your home.
  2. Go online to and download the application
  3. Locate an NC MedAssist enrollment site and schedule an appointment to fill out the enrollment application.

How soon should I expect to receive my medicine? After the enrollment application is received and processed by NC MedAssist, prescriptions will be received within 3-5 business days.  Antibiotics and orders for stat medications are processed within 24 hours.  Medication will be shipped to either the client’s home or a local clinic that can dispense medication on our behalf. Is there a fee to enroll? Currently, there is no fee to enroll in any of the programs. Enroll here. Do you provide narcotics? No, we do not provide narcotics. What supporting documents are needed to enroll into the Free Pharmacy program?

  • Completed and signed enrollment application
  • A current prescription signed by your physician (transfers not accepted)
  • Proof of Residency:  Driver’s License, Phone Bill, Lease Agreement or Utility Bill
  • Documents supporting proof of income – the following are examples of acceptable documentation:

A month’s worth of consecutive pay stubs dated within the last 60 days for the entire household (four pay stubs if paid weekly, two if paid bi-weekly, etc.)

  • Social Security Disability “Notice of Award” letter and current year statement
  • If unemployed with no source of income, provide a support letter signed by the person providing financial support and/or room and board
  • 1040 Tax Return (s) for the current year; include Schedule C if self-employed Or  the 4506 –T form if you have not and will not file taxes for the current year

(The need for these documents will vary depending on your specific circumstances) How long can I stay enrolled in the program? Eligibility in the program last for one year. Each year you are required to re-certify.

General FAQs

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Sep 232014

What programs do you offer?

MedAssist offers three programs that address the needs of children and adults: the Free Pharmacy program, the Over-The-Counter (OTC) Medicine program and the Senior Care program.

Who can access your programs?

NC MedAssist is a statewide non-profit pharmacy that provides free prescription medicines to low-income, uninsured North Carolinians. We serve 97 of the 99 counties in North Carolina.

How do you receive referrals?

NC MedAssist collaborates with hospitals, doctor’s offices, free healthcare clinics and health departments to provide access to free lifesaving medicine.

Is NC MedAssist necessary after the passing of the Affordable Care Act (ACA)?

Yes, many residents will not be able to afford the insurance premiums and will have to opt-out.  The ACA does have an opt-out clause if insurance premiums are not affordable. If health insurance premiums for an individual are more than 8% of the person’s gross income, then that individual can opt-out of purchasing a policy without incurring a penalty.

Example: Based on the 2014 Income Guidelines chart below, a person earning 200%of the Federal Poverty Level (FPL), or $23,980 annually would have to find an insurance policy for less $149 a month. Most insurance policies start well above this amount.

2014 Income Guidelines – 200% of Federal Poverty Level

People in the Household Monthly Income Annual Income
1 $1,945 $23,340
2 $2,622 $31,460
3 $3,298 $39,580
4 $3,975 $47,700
5 $4,652 $55,820
6 $5,328 $63,940
7 $6,005 $72,060
8 $6,682 $80,180


Is NC MedAssist affected by the State Medicaid program?

Yes, North Carolina has chosen not to expand Medicaid to include people making 138% of the FPL, so these individuals will remain uninsured and will be forced to find a resource to obtain prescription medicine.