MedAssist Becomes Central Fill Pharmacy for NC

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Sep 122013

MedAssist Becomes Central Fill Pharmacy for NC

MedAssist of Mecklenburg has been chosen by the North Carolina Association of Free Clinics and the NC attorney general’s office to be the central fill pharmacy for the state of North Carolina. Low-income people with no health insurance from all over the state will be able to receive their prescription medications free of charge, just as Mecklenburg County residents have been for the past 12 years.

Attorney general Roy Cooper came to MedAssist on March 19, 2009 for a press conference in which he announced the new central fill pharmacy. The $2.3 million grant comes as reimbursement for program expenses and will be distributed over the next two years. These funds are NC’s share of multi-state settlements with pharmaceutical companies.

It will take two years to roll out the program to all 100 counties state-wide. MedAssist is currently serving Onslow, Cleveland, Bumcombe, Stanley, Wake and Iredell counties by taking in prescriptions and filling a 90-day supply that is shipped back to the client’s physician.

“Too many people in this state are having to make the difficult and dangerous choice between paying their bills and paying for their prescriptions” said NC attorney general Roy Cooper. “We want to help low-income people get the medications they need.”

“MedAssist of Mecklenburg is privileged and excited to be the central fill pharmacy providing life-saving prescriptions for uninsured, low-income residents,” said Executive Director Lori Giang. “This program will enable many North Carolinians to get the medication they need to have an active, healthy and productive life.”

Information about participating in this program is available at www.ncfreeclinics.org or by calling 1-866-331-1348.

Food or Medicine?

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Sep 012013


That is the stark choice that faces more and more members of our own community. As costs of prescription drugs continue to rise and the numbers of uninsured reach all time highs, providing a no cost source for life-saving prescription drugs becomes critical. NC MedAssist exists to provide free medications to the uninsured by qualifying patients for patient assistance programs offered by pharmaceutical companies and dispensing them directly to patients. MedAssist has been in operation since 1997. During the last fiscal year (2011-12), MedAssist dispensed more than $20 million worth of free medication to over 34,000 low-income North Carolinians.

NC MedAssist serves as a Community Pharmacy dispensing free prescription medication to our neighbors who are uninsured. Residents of North Carolina can qualify for our services if they are at or below 200% of the Federal Poverty Level and are without insurance coverage. If you believe that you may be eligible for help with your prescription medication, please call us at 704-536-1790. We can screen you on the phone to let you know how we may be able to assist you.

NC MedAssist 12 for 12 Campaign

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Jul 032013

12 for 12 Campaign


Save a life – join 12 for 12

How much does it take to save a life? In North Carolina, you can save the life of a neighbor in need for just $12 a month.

That’s all it takes to provide a year’s worth of life saving medications through NC MedAssist.

MedAssist provides free prescription medicines to low-income, uninsured North Carolinians.

And now, it’s easier than ever to support NC MedAssist. For just $12 a month – $144 a year – you can sponsor a MedAssist client for an entire year.

Join 12 for 12 on-line or call Pamela Stephens, Development Director, at 866-331-1348 x 3567.

Your $12 a month means that a MedAssist client no longer has to choose between buying food or getting their needed medicine.

Watch the 12 for 12 video here.